What is the difference between Software Development and Website development ?


Determining the best website/ internet or software solution for your business can be really confusing. You may think you need software or applications developed from scratch when actually all you need is an existing solution customized for your business.

It is important to first work out what your end objective is and then decide whether you need a website, a web-based application or a desktop application or widget to achieve this.

Case Study Example: A company wants to sell a range of 3000 products online. Do they develop their own custom website from scratch or are there modules and templates that can be used to achieve this faster and more cost effectively?

The Status of software development today

Many of the internet technologies sought after today are available without actually developing anything from scratch and most of these are CMS (Content management systems) which allows the end users control over the updating of the website.

Setting up an E-commerce website or a large catalogue, and many other specialised website technologies are available as templates some examples of these can be found on www.templatemonster.com.

So no matter whether you want to create an application or website that allows users to register, log in, draw pictures, upload photos, play games, share and rate recipes, social network with friends – you can probably find your solution on these platforms.

It is important to note that even though you can buy a Magento, Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla template amongst others, saving you loads of money and time, the customizing and “re-engineering” of the design, code and content needs to be done by a developer highly skilled in these platforms.


"Why would I need custom software development?"


According to www.pcmag.com the the definition of a software developer is:

“A person who designs and writes software. The term generally refers to designers and programmers in the commercial software field. However, it may also refer to professionals developing internal business applications within an enterprise. The titles "developer," "application developer" and "software developer" are used synonymously.”


Custom software development would be necessary when:

  • Niche business solutions are required that are particular to your business only.

  • Internal processes and systems can only be improved with a unique solution that needs to integrate with existing POS or back of house IT systems that are already in place.

The benefits of designing and developing software applications must have a direct impact on your business, whether to streamline existing processes or to improve service delivery to your clients.

If you suspect that software development is required you will need to consult with a business analyst to get expert advice on everything from solution architecture, design optimization and database creation.




What services does Artifact Advertising offer?

Artifact Advertising has been providing marketing support services for clients for over 16 years.

As well as traditional design including advertising and marketing strategies we offer website design & development, multimedia presentations and social media marketing.

  • We enjoy guiding clients to the right web or software development solutions for their individual needs.

  • Any website design and development using HTML, Flash, CSS, existing templates – Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Word press etc is undertaken in-house.

  • Consulting with businesses on the right direction to take regarding custom software development.

  • Assisting businesses who require software development in finding the right suppliers once their needs have been assessed.

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